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  • Rock Safe Course with Girth Hitch Guiding

Rock Safe Course with Girth Hitch Guiding

  • 22 April 2023
  • 8:00 AM
  • 23 April 2023
  • 5:00 PM
  • Nordegg & Lake Abraham, Alberta



Organizer: Mathew Sarsfield

Activity Type: Rock Climbing

Difficulty Rating: Beginner, Intermediate, Difficult


Prerequisites / Courses Required: Lead Rock or Equivilent

Duration: 2 Days

Location: Nordegg & Lake Abraham, Alberta

Departure: 8:00 AM

Ages: 18+

Fitness Level:  Reasonable fitness (ability to climb a ladder, go for a short run or hike)

Group Size: 4

Cost: $395 per person

(A GMMC Discount Code is available for registered participants through our partnership with GHG)

Your safety doesn’t happen by accident. Take your team’s safety seriously by forming safety skills that will set you up for success if the unexpected happens. Our highly trained guides will sharpen and expand your safety skills so that you and your climbing team can confidently manage the range of challenging scenarios you might find yourself in.



DAY 1 (April 22)

  • Welcome
  • Anchor construction review
  • Anchor material review
  • Follow-Through Figure Eight
  • Overhand Flat Knot
  • Italian Hitch
  • Prussic
  • Why Knot
  • Practice Knots
  • Italian Load Releasing Hitch

DAY 2 (April 23)

  • Hazard assessment
  • Introduce rescue components
  • Tying off belay
  • Escape belay
  • Transfer load
  • Rappel with a backup below device
  • Practice with components
  • Rappel Practice
  • Emergency Preparedness

Required items to bring: 

  • Extensive gear list requiredAll necessary items for rock climbing. (helmet, harness, belay device, rope(s), anchor material etc.) 
  • Rental gear is available
  • Please arrive with lunch, water, a full tank of gas, and be ready to adventure

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Rock Safe Course in Alberta - Girth Hitch Guiding



  • All pricing is in Canadian Dollars.
  • Prices listed do not include 5% sales tax (GST)
  • Pricing is subject to change at the time of booking
  • Payment can be done via the following:
    • E Transfer in Canada. Please send to
    • Credit Card
  • Tipping and gratuity: while certainly not required, it is customary to provide a tip/gratuity if you feel your guide provided an exceptional service and experience for you and/or your group. The amount is up to your discretion!


  • Please read and fully understand the following conditions and cancellations information before making your booking.
  • If your trip takes you into any of the National Park areas, it is your responsibility to ensure you have the necessary park passes.
  • Itinerary, service and participation of programs/activities is up to the discretion of Girth Hitch Guiding at all times. We will do our best to update you of any updates or cancellations as necessary.
  • Courses may be cancelled up to one week prior by Girth Hitch Guiding if the minimum group size is not reached
  • For bookings under $500 the entire payment is due to confirm booking
  • For bookings over $500 the booking is confirmed when a 25% non-refundable deposit is received
  • Balance of booking is due 3 weeks prior to trip dates


  • Girth Hitch Guiding must receive notice of cancellation in writing at
  • In the event that Girth Hitch Guiding has to cancel your trip, your payments will be fully refunded.


  • Deposit is non refundable
  • 8-6 weeks prior to trip/program dates - If we can rebook you for alternative dates, your payments can be transferred less a $50 processing fee.
  • If we cannot rebook your dates or cancellation is less than 6 weeks prior, the entire deposit is forfeited.
  • Less than 3 weeks prior - all fees are forfeited.


  • It will be rare that your trip will be cancelled due to weather. Our guides are highly experienced and knowledgeable about the area they climb in and will find a suitable objective that will give you the best experience possible given the current conditions.


We understand that on the odd occasion, there is an unexpected medical emergency or circumstance. Please contact us at if that is the case.


  • Transportation to and from the event is the responsibility of the guest
  • Unless other arrangements are made Girth Hitch Guiding will not provide any transportation services


  • Unless other arrangements are made minors must be accompanied by a parent or guardian

    As per club guidelines, participants are responsible for arranging their own accommodations and transportation.

    Please refer to the GMMC Policies regarding Animals, Carpooling, Accommodation, and Cancellation.

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