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  • 25 August 2021 9:09 PM | Anonymous

    Want a GMMC T-Shirt? Of course you do. Well right now is the time to get it as they are available for order for a limited time!


  • 16 August 2021 9:03 PM | Anonymous

    Easy access to your events and digital membership card. 



    Known Issues

  • 01 August 2021 9:01 PM | Anonymous

    Hello all,

    If you've visited the GMMC calendar or website over the weekend you'll likely have noticed our new site. Transitioning to this new platform has been the culmination of an extensive number of hours by the executive team with the aim of bringing our trip scheduling and website experience into the modern age.

    You may be wondering why it was decided to go this route. The reasons are actually quite numerous but the primary factor was cost. The old calendar when total cost is taken into account was more expensive then this new solution over the long run, while providing less flexibility. In addition our old calendar was running into several issues: membership renewals not being completely processed, double payments, security issues, inflexible design, and frequent other issues that required fixes and attention.

    The new platform offers several exciting new features including an online storefront which could potentially be used for fundraising down the road, donation centre for other possible fundraising, mobile friendly website, a mobile app (not yet enabled), more robust permission system, more flexible website, and many more advanced functions.

    One snag we ran into with the new site is that the event manager role (which is used to create and manage events) currently has an issue that prevents us from making it widely available as we had with the "trip volunteer" role in the old calendar. We've raised the issue with the developer with hopes they can address it eventually but it's looking like a long wait, so in the meantime, the webmaster (Trevor Jones) is working on a custom app interface to provide the functionality to fill in the gap if it's not addressed. This may take a few more months though due to time constraints, so in the short term 3 executive members have volunteered to manage events. Those wanting to put on trips will need to submit a form to us with the relevant information and we'll help manage the event with the coordinator. Please contact for help and information.

    We welcome feedback on the new site, good and bad. Please send comments to

    Please note that all members should have received a password reset email at the email associated with their account. If you have not received an email please reach out to the membership chair ( If your account was not in the imported list of current (paid) members and you believe this to be in error you may be asked to provide proof of payment.

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