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Trip Coordinators Wanted!

13 August 2023 9:00 PM | Anonymous member

Who loves trips? Ummmm…. EVERYONE!!!!

Trips are the lifeblood of the club. The more trips we have in the calendar the more stoke out there, the more stoke the more members, and the more members the stronger the club … it's the circle of (outdoor) life! So, we are encouraging any and all members to consider coordinating a trip for the club. 

Now you may think this is not for you because you are new or your skills are not strong enough, but as a trip coordinator, you are just that; a coordinator. You are not a guide, you are not a teacher and there is no need to be the fastest hiker, the strongest climber, the most knowledgeable camper, or the best runner. All you need to do to coordinate a trip is:

  1. Have a desire to give back to the club

  2.  Chose an objective that you are knowledgeable about and fits comfortably into your skill level

  3. Put the trip into the calendar 

  4. Be the contact/organizational person for the trip members.

Now there are some details behind each of those steps, but the executive is here to guide you and help you with the logistics and details so it runs smoothly. So please consider giving back to the club with the gift of your time and coordinate a trip. 

If you are up for this challenge of planning a rad experience others can join you on, please email and we can help you turn your dream into reality!

More information on becoming a Trip Coordinator can be found in s presentation on the GMMC website. Once you log in on the website , you will find the slides and information under the "Resources" tab, under "Trip Coordinators", under "How to Plan a GMMC Event".

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