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Help Save the Club Bottle Drive

17 January 2022 2:48 PM | Deleted user

FRIENDLY REMINDER that the club needs bottle refund donations! We have a goal of $2000 for this fundraiser. So far we have received $102 (5% of our goal). There are 15 days left to donate to this Fundraiser (ends January 31st).

- If you only have a small amount of bottles at home, that's ok. Any contribution will help us achieve our goal.

- Are you unable to manage the return of your bottles? Please reach out to fellow members to ask for help in making your contribution.

- Ask friends and family for bottle donations.

- Anyone can donate to this fundraiser. They don't need to be a member so tell your friends and family!

All the details of how to donate for this event is listed on our calendar.

We are also have an in-person event happening on January 22 from 9am-Noon. the in-person locations are noted in the in-person event details on the calendar.

The club really needs everyone's help to make this fundraiser a success!

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